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When Do The Clocks Go Forward?

All the dates, times and information you need about when the clocks go FORWARD from 2012 to 2016, sign up for a free email reminder. We will email you the night before and the morning after.

For the regions of the world who observe Daylight Savings Time (DST) the clocks change once a year, going forward once and backwards once to recognise the change of seasons.

Many of us forget that the clocks are changing and even more of us forget to the change our clocks. Ever missed an important lunch, meeting or job interview as a result of the clocks going forward? I’m sure there are a number of times we have been late for things as a result of the clocks changing and wish we had known about the change? We aim to ensure that you don’t do that!

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When The Clocks Go Forward in the UK

When The Clocks Go Forward in the USA

When The Clocks Go Forward in the EU

This site is constantly being added too, but we have made it easy for you – If you don’t want to have to remember when the clocks are changing then sign up to our free email reminder service or follow us on Twitter  to be reminded automatically.

Planning a Holiday over the Bank Holiday?

…do the clocks change before or during your trip?

Make sure to check the dates for bank holidays 2013.

When Do The Clocks Change, By Region

Click on the regions below to see what changes have and are going to happen: