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Daylight Savings Time

These days, it is common to set back your clocks for Daylight Saving Time. And yet, surprisingly, this is a relatively new concept. The thought process behind Daylight Saving Time is simple; you set your clock forward in order to ensure that there is more daylight in the day time, sacrificing some of the daylight of early morning hours. Then, when your clocks go back, you stay to the schedule. This makes it so that, year round, the amount of daylight hours are as even as they can possibly be. But before Daylight Saving Time, things were quite different.

When Daylight Saving Time Came to Be

George Vernon Hudson; you may not have ever heard his name before, but you may wish to thank him, as he is claimed to be the man who first came up with the idea of Daylight Saving Time (amongst others such as William Willet). His idea was that instead of suffering from the issues causes by daylight becoming so erratic through out half of the year (many found it difficult to perform day to day due to the sun light changing toward the fall seasons, creating a feeling of lethargy in many), that we could instead adjust the clocks to compensate for the daylight hours. Thus being, we gain more light during the darker months, and then revert to our proper time schedule once more. This concept was first put in place during the First World War, as a trial to make battle easier on our troops. And since then it has become a tradition all through out the year.

Why Daylight Saving Time Matters

Why is it important that we set our clocks forward? Many believe that too many dark hours can lead to mental health issues. Depression, among other issues, can stem from living in the dark, without sun, for too long a period of time. This is an issue prominently faced in Alaska, where months at a time can pass without a single daylight hour. It has been proven time and time again through out various tests that humans need sun light. Thus, we use our clocks and our watches to help us to better adjust to the seasons. The best part about it, to many, is that one day every single year, we get an extra hour for sleep. For most, this is a much needed relaxation. And now that you know why we have come to live in this manner, no doubt you appreciate that single hour even more!


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